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Hiking, kayaking, fjords, icebergs & whales

Reclaim Yourself Retreats with Zephyr Wildman

Join Zephyr Wildman for a yoga adventure in Arctic Greenland. This remote destination offers an exhilarating experience exploring the breathtaking beauty of one of the least inhabited places in the world, filled with glaciers, fjords and mountains. Spend a thrilling week practicing yoga, hiking in the wilderness and exploring the south west icefjords with their resident whales and a majestic display of icebergs.

We are heading to Greenland, the world’s largest island where almost 80 percent of the land mass is covered by an ice cap. Our retreat takes place in the south west of Greenland, starting with 3 nights glamping at a remote camp deep in the icefiord of Nuuk with views of the bay littered with icebergs. Here we have great hiking opportunities with several viewpoints from which you can see the icefjord, along with kayaking and paddle boarding options for the adventurous.

We’ll travel there by boat, enjoying a spectacular journey through the icefiords where there is a majestic display of icebergs in all sorts of shapes and blue tones, along with plenty of wildlife including whales. On the way back we’ll stop at the uninhabited island of Qornup Qeqertarssua to visit the abandoned settlement of Qoornoq and explore its history as well as the impressive landscape.

At the camp, Zephyr will lead a meditation and mindfulness session to set us up for the day and a two hour afternoon yoga workshop. You’ll be practising meditation and yoga in one of the most remote, wild and peaceful places, enjoying the unique Arctic clarity of light and raw power of nature.

After our time in the wilderness, we’ll be heading to Greenland’s capital Nuuk where we will spend 4 nights, staying in cabins on the outskirts of town, with exceptional views out to the fjords where you’ll see birds, whales and seals.

Here in Nuuk, we’ll get into our yoga practice with twice daily classes and enjoy meals overlooking the bay, or in hand picked restaurants in town. Our time here will also give us chance to delve into the multiple nuances of Greenlandic culture. Your retreat includes a day exploring Nuuk town with a local host and storyteller and a cultural tapas event at Nuuk Art Museum with private performances from different local artists.

On the last day, you can choose a self guided gentle hike to the top of Quassussuaq Mountain with beautiful views over Nuuk or for the more energetic hikers you can opt for a 4 hour guided trek up Ukkusissat mountain.

Accommodation – Glamping in the wild & cosy Greenlandic cabins

We have 14 places available on this retreat, sleeping in 12 single rooms and 1 twin/double room. We are staying in 2 locations.

Our first location is a remote glamping site deep in the Nuuk fiord. You luxury tent includes a double bed with thick duvets and pillows and a mosquito net. They are heated by solar powered heaters and they have their own attached bathrooms. Hot showers are available in a separate block. Note that there are only two showers between us, so a little bit of planning and patience will be needed here.

Our second location is a small group of cabins set on the outskirts of Nuuk. There are 4 cabins, each with 3 or 4 bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The bedrooms have single beds and the cabins each have an open plan kitchen and sitting room with amazing views. Accommodation is traditional Greenlandic style, simple, comfortable and cosy.

There is no wifi or phone reception at our first camp but you can charge your phones for taking photos! The second location is fully connected!


At our first location you’ll be served a delicious brunch and dinner in the dining tent and have a packed lunch to take out on your adventures.  At our second location you’ll enjoy meals in the cafe while enjoying a magnificent view. We will also eat some meals at restaurants in Nuuk. Greenlandic menus include meat and fish, so if you prefer a vegetarian or vegan menu please let us know when you book.

We may be able to cater for special dietary requests but due to our remote location and possibly limited food supplies, you must check with us before you book.

This is an alcohol free retreat.


We invite you to use our Goodwings booking system to book your travel. Goodwings invest in quality carbon projects and we collaborate with them to measure the emissions for all of our retreats.

Flights to Greenland: In late 2024 a new airport opens in Nuuk, so you’ll be able to travel to Greenland with Air Greenland or Air Iceland via Copenhagen for around £600 return.

Transfers: We will organise group transfers from Nuuk airport to meet a pre-agreed flights which will be sent to you when they are available to book.

Dynamic yoga, meditation, saunas & hot tubs

Visit Reclaim Yourself Retreats for booking options £2,999.00 – £3,999.00

What is Included:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals a day & soft drinks
  • All your yoga and mediation sessions
  • All you transfers in Greenland including 2 boat trips where we’ll see whales and icebergs
  • Kayaks, stand up paddle boards and hiking our camp
  • A visit to Qoornoq abandoned settlement
  • A guided tour of Nuuk
  • A cultural tapas event at Nuuk Art Museum
  • A carbon project investment to offset all retreat emissions


  • Return flights to Nuuk
  • Guided hike up Ukkusissat mountain (approx. 1995 DKK/£225 between the group)

Who is this for?

This weekend will suit an active and resilient yogi as you’ll be out enjoying adventures in all types of weather!

You’ll be glamping in a remote camp for your first 3 days which is in the middle of the wilderness and you’ll be outdoors a lot. Temperatures are likely to be around 10 degrees Celsius. There is no phone reception or wifi at our first location, so you’ll be off grid, off line and uncontactable for 3 days.

Our locations are stunning but do be prepared for limited facilities in the first camp and shared bathrooms at the second place.

To book visit Reclaim Yourself Retreats


Responsible Retreating in Greenland

We are working with a local DMC and they prioritise using local companies for their tour packages, and they only chose those suppliers who live up their standards. Our reterat camp is owned by local company who take pride in educating and employing locals at fair wages. They are very successful in keeping their staff, because they pay them well, give them a good framework and celebrate their successes like Employee of the Month. They also have focus on gender equality educating women to captains on their trips.

Our Inuk location is also fully locally owned and has a mission to tell the real tales of the Inuit Culture – the have both local and international staff, since the staffing situation is very difficult due to lack of workforce. They have also handpicked local icons like Ujammiuaq Engell to the program as local guides, though she is much more. Besides being born and raised in Nuuk, she has a Masters Degree in History focussing on Greenlandic History development, and is also an amazing storyteller and host.

Their suppliers still have some way to go in terms of environmental sustainability and impact mitigation, but they are in a process of improving. On tours the public guidelines on animal welfare are respected and they have actively stopped collaborating with businesses who do not live up to this demand. Their assessment is below:

YesThe venue is locally owned and operated
The venue is operated in partnership with a local owner
YesThe venue employs local staff with good pay and working conditions in compliance with all local laws and regulations
SomeStaff are offered employee benefits and professional development opportunities
YesThe venue partners with and supports local suppliers for activities and products
SomeYour chosen excursion suppliers operate with clear guidelines to minimise their negative environmental impact, and animal welfare is a priority on any trips involving wildlife
YesThe venue gives preference to suppliers with ownership from diverse or underrepresented populations
YesThe venue runs on renewable energy
YesThe venue uses a sustainable water supply
NoThere is a comprehensive waste management system
YesThere is limited use of single use plastic
SomeBiodegradable products are used
SomeSustainable, local food sources are available
YesThe venue measures its environmental impact and operates in compliance with all local laws and regulations
Not yetThe venue is actively involved in conservation
YesThe location is not over touristed/we are visiting out of high season
NoThe location has slow travel/public transport options
YesThe venue has its own sustainability strategy/targets
Not yetThe venue has its own certifications such as ISO 14001, Green Building Certifications, BCorp certification or other demonstrable policies

We are committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way which includes being transparent about the current eco-credentials for each retreat. Read our Responsible Retreat Plan here.

Greenland Yoga Adventure