Practicing with Zephyr in beautiful Morocco was an extra special and unique experience – I absolutely loved every single second. I’m a huge fan of Z’s teaching style anyway but usually practice online, so to be able to experience the teachings in Morocco in such beautiful surroundings was an absolute joy and privilege. Azaren is a phenomenal venue for retreat – calm, peaceful and full of nature’s sights, sounds and smells. The accommodation is breath-taking with the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. I felt really looked after and cared for all week, that perfect mix of deep spiritual practice and big belly laughs that Zephyr brings to everything. I will definitely see Zephyr on the mat again at a future retreat. Thank you for the memories, I’ll treasure them forever.

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Amelia Lee

Saddleworth, United Kingdom

Zephyr’s retreats are always luxurious, fun and set in wonderful venues and locations. Her teaching hits just the right spot, beautifully paced, and with sequences that are inventive and challenging but also safe and achievable. I always leave feeling both relaxed and energised at the same time. I’ve been practicing yoga for nearly 30 years, and teaching it myself for about 15, so have come across a wide variety of teachers in my time. I get bored of most of them, but Zephyr has been a constant inspiration for about 12 years now. She is one of only a small handful of teachers that I return to again and again and continue to learn from.

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Sasha Bates

London, United Kingdom

Zephyr is an amazing and deeply knowledgeable yoga and meditation teacher. Her yoga classes are seeped in yogic wisdom and knowledge that opens you upto so different layers of yourself. It’s not just a yoga class it’s an unfolding of deep ancient wisdom to find your true self. Her meditations are wonderful and I always come away deeply relaxed and in awe of her ability to inspire me. I love her humility, compassion and kind heart so much. Thank you so much Zephyr!! xx

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Tania Dougall

St Albans, United Kingdom

Zephyr’s yoga retreat with Reclaim Yourself in Iceland was fantastic. Since we were on retreat, we had time to really dive deep into our yoga, with morning and evening practice. Zephyr’s teaching style is open and fun, with lots of super-helpful focus on alignment, and talks on yoga philosophy that were clear and brought so much more depth to the practice.

The setting was exquisite, a remote valley in the north of Iceland surrounded my majestic snow-capped mountains. There was plenty of time to explore the landscape with a big day trip exploring the Troll Peninsula with waterfalls, ancient lava fields, fumaroles – the most other worldly experience I’ve ever had, topped off by a few hours soaking in the thermal waters of the “Blue Lagoon of the North”.

There was the option for a hike with local guide and owner of the farm where we stayed, who was born and brought up in the area. We also had a trip by boat and were fortunate enough to see 12 whales! A small group had an afternoon out riding through the valley on local Icelandic horses.

The plant-based food was delicious and plentiful, and the bath house and massage on site were a massive bonus.

I can’t thank Zephyr enough for hosting my first experience of travel out of the pandemic. I came back home refreshed and inspired.

Kate Bacon

Brighton, United Kingdom

Zephyr is an amazing and inspiring yoga teacher: she guides you with great enthusiasm, fantastic skills and excellent verbal communication helping you to open your body and mind in a gentle but challenging way.

Her classes are never dull as she has a great sense of humour and they are always very thoughtful as if she can tune in to each individual’s needs.

She also organises to perfection the best retreats in the most wonderful locations. During these retreats, she always give her time with great generosity to make them an enlightening experience for the mind and body alike.

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Liliane Fawcett

London, United Kingdom

I have been attending Zephyr’s yoga classes for a few years now and attended my first ever retreat with her this year. To say the experience was life changing was an understatement. Zephyr brings wisdom kindness and generosity to her teachings and the retreat expanded on this and was a truly wonderful week. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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Zephyr’s retreats are simply the best! I’ve been on 3 and blindly follow her as I know the yoga will be brilliant, the other yogis always super, and everything runs well, what more could you want? This is all thanks to Zephyr’s wonderful personality and get generosity, and fun! I’ve been on many retreats but there are only a few I would be happy to follow without a second thought, its a rare thing to achieve what Zephyr manages to do… it’s a bit magical each time! Thank you so much, to many more!!

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Sarah Gannon

Paris, France

I have been on 7 retreats now with Zephyr and they are the highlight of my year. To be able to spend a week immersed in her company, as a down to earth, inspirational and expert teacher, who also has a wicked sense of humour, in such beautiful locations, is such a privilege. The people I meet on her retreats are always varied and it is always a delight to see some repeat visitors!

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LONDON, United Kingdom

I’ve been participating at Zephyr‘s yoga retreats actively in Morocco and in Italy and I am now waiting for the next one with passion ! It represents a very particular time for me and my friends, unforgettable and wonderful in sharing, laughing and healing. I feel so comforted and stimulated by Zephyr’s energy that I am
looking forward to discovering new destinations ! 💗💗💗

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Dominique Lesourd

Florence, Italy

Zephyr is such a positive life force and she is warm and kind and strong. I met her when she held yoga classes at the Life Centre in Notting Hill and have been on one of her wonderful retreats to Morocco. We stayed in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in glorious accommodation and practised our yoga twice a day in between the hiking, biking and eating (and wine if you want it). I can’t recommend Zephyr’s retreats more highly and really hope to go on an another one day if I’m lucky!

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London, United Kingdom